REVIEW: ADELE IS YOUNGER THAN US (Stiff and Kitsch at C Venues) ★★★★★


We have all at least once had the realisation that someone younger than us is doing better than us. Whether they are earning more, have our dream job or are just in a more successful relationship, it hurts. For Rhiannon Neads and Sally O’Leary, this person, is Adele.

The pair are hysterical. The show is slick, yet spontaneous, proving how in sync they are, as there was never an awkward pause or uncomfortable moment, even though they regularly go off script. The storyline is witty and clever and avoids being just something to fill the show out between songs, like a lot of other musical comedies. The songs, however, are hysterical and brilliantly written. Both girls have gorgeous voices and they perform their songs fantastically, not just playing the (although very) comic lines at face value, but investing in the journey of the songs and the show. Although the premise of the show is about Adele having a hit album while they don’t, I must say, I would buy theirs!

Adele is Younger Than Us is fantastic, and I really hope that this show graces many stages in the future. I couldn’t recommend it more (and I promise that isn’t just because I feel guilty for being younger than Adele). These two are a pair to watch out for!

Reviewed by Kara Alberts