REVIEW: AGATHA IS MISSING! (Gilded Balloon) ★★★

Agatha Christie has gone missing, presumed dead, and everyone in the audience is a suspect. It falls to super sleuth Miss Clarissa Marbles to lead the investigation to get to the bottom of this interactive murder mystery.

The context having been set, Miss Marbles sets about interrogating members of the audience; each of whom are ascribed a typical Agatha-esque character (cheating husband, jealous sister, driver etc etc) and are invited to improvise their character on stage and on-the-spot.

This obviously-risky format is held together remarkably well by Prudence Wright Holmes as Marbles, who clearly is a skilled comic improviser. And after almost an hour of interrogation, which does begin to drag after a while, we are invited to submit our theories on Agatha’s fate using pens and paper we were handed on the way in, which makes for some mockery before the big reveal of what actually happened.

The venue was full and the audience appeared to be enjoying it very much. I think this show will have a strong appeal to the Radio 4 type audiences who like to do a bit of thinking alongside their comedy.

Reviewed by Peter Cowell

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