REVIEW: ‘Alice In Streamingland’ at the Phoenix Arts Club

If the intention for ‘Alice In Streamingland‘ at the Phoenix Arts Club is that the audience feels transported into a world of confusion where nothing makes sense or feels real (much like the story of Alice In Wonderland), then this production have done a wonderful job. But if the intention was to write an actual pantomime that has a coherent storyline, it fails terribly. I’m going to take the view point that it was intentional and from that perspective I had quite a nice time.

The cast are all amazing and all have brilliant singing voices. Sofie Kaern is wonderful as Alice – the TikTok social media influencer. Colin Savage does a great job as Queen of Hearts and Laura Hyde comes in to her own in Act 2 as Duchess after playing Black and White Cat in Act 1 which doesn’t give her much opportunity to shine. Richard Dawes is the perfect White Knight and suitably disturbing Caterpillar but the real star of the show, bringing humour and a huge amount of talent, is Matt Bateman as White Rabbit, Mad Hatter & Knave of Hearts.

The script is incomprehensible and the jokes are awful but the cast of ‘Alice In Streamingland’ make this surreal, out-of-body experience strangely enjoyable.


Reviewed by West End Wilma