REVIEW: BLANC DE BLANC (Hippodrome Casino) ★★★★★

imageBlanc de Blanc is a titillating and sizzling circus slash burlesque show full of sass and attitude that will get you hot under the collar and leave you begging for more.

Direct from their hit run at The Sydney Opera house the cast of Blanc de Blanc are strutting (and swinging!) their ‘stuff’ at The London Hippodrome from the 14th July until the 28th August. Interestingly this theatre was opened in 1900 as a circus venue and showcased London’s most ambitious shows involving bears, tigers and lions. It seems only fit that The London Hippodrome be the home for this contemporary circus show.

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the raciest, risqué and decadent shows in town this summer and an absolute must see for anyone who enjoys modern and alternative circus or burlesque. The attractive, suave and debonair Monsieur Romeo is our host and compare and takes us through a fun filled, saucy evening the like of which you have never seen before surprising us with an act of his own! (No spoliers!)

Comedy genius Spencer Novich brings a refreshing sense of wit and humor to the performance through his mime and extraordinary contortion numbers, which will have you gasping with disbelief. The extremely talented Shun Sugimoto is also a contortionist (as well as a dancer and physical theatre performer) combining frenzied dance routines mixed with techno beats producing surreal and amazing performances that perplex the mind.

The gorgeous Hampus Jansson and beautiful Milena Straczynski perform jaw dropping aerial numbers that are wonderful to watch and, at times, very ethereal and moving.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise but Masha Terentieva uses a hotel luggage cart in a way that you’d never expect and as soon as you think you’ve seen it all she goes one step further and the mind just boggles.

The entire cast including J’Aimime, Laura New and Emma Maye Gibson are all masters in their field and have such precision and control over their bodies and how they wield their limbs to create a show that is beyond thrilling.

Director Scott Maidment has created an original masterpiece with this breathtaking show. World class performers, creative and inspired choreography by Kevin Moher and bedazzling costumes by James Browne with an intimate ambience created by set designer Philip Gladwell all contribute to make this an extravaganza for the senses.

This is the most erotic, exotic and provocative show in town. Blanc de Blanc is a refreshing and eye watering experience that leaves the heart racing and the pulse pulsating!

Reviewed by Matthew Andrew Wren
Photo: Pamela Raith Photography

Blanc De Blanc plays at the Hippodrome Casino until 28 August 2016