REVIEW: BRIEFS: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS (London Underbelly) ★★★★★

Briefs Close Encounters

It was almost three years ago since I first saw the Australian burlesque act Briefs on London’s Southbank. Since then they have been a regular feature at London’s Underbelly and a firm favourite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This summer, the boys are back in town for their longest run ever and this drag extravaganza is raunchier and more bonkers than ever before.

At the beginning of this hour long performance, Fez Faanana jokes that this show was written whilst high on acid… and I’m inclined to believe him after seeing the performance. Topics covered include time travel, alien invasion and most importantly a message against animal cruelty. My favourite acts have always been the incredibly talented Captain Kidd (who knows his way around a hoop and and doesn’t mind showing his off) and the adorable Louis Briggs (who’s cute as a button and knows it, plus he knows what to do with a set of balls and is a brilliant juggler).

Briefs: Close Encounters has everything you would expect from these boys. It’s saucy, it’s sassy and it’s bursting with some of the most extraordinary circus and magic tricks you will have ever seen. The costumes and choreography are incredibly well thought out and it feels like the boys have grown and developed their act since last year and it feels more mature and well crafted than ever before.

I can’t wait to see what they get up to next!

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Kate Pardey

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