REVIEW: BRIEFS (London Wonderground) ★★★★★


“Briefs” is a boylesque show that redefines sexy: Hoola hoops – sexy. Rubik’s cubes – sexy. Bananas – sexy…but maybe a bit less so.

For the fourth time at the London Wonderground, the Australian men from “Briefs” invite audiences to take a close look at them in various stages of undress, before, during and after spectacular circus acrobatics. Their globeal-touring shows are a homage to the artistry of circus, drag, burlesque, cabaret and speakeasy, and each aspect of that eclectic mix is satisfied; the show is probably best described as a seductive yet hilarious physical performance.

The artists demonstrate their showmanship through their various different acts, and they do so with such skill and ease, you’d almost think we could all easily hang upside down off an aerial hoop with only our toes. It is incredible to see what they can achieve with body control.

Wonderful, hysterically funny host Shivannah leads through the show, with sharp comments that always manage to stay on the right side of offensive. With a catchy soundtrack, sass, and dazzling outfits (or only tight, well, briefs), the troupe disco dances, somersaults, strips, juggles and swings off of ceilings. All that without ever breaking a sweat or slipping out of their radiant stage characters. Every single one of them a delight, I especially enjoyed Thomas Worrell’s skills (and other, erm, qualities) and the flamboyant acts of previous Las Vegas King of Burlesque, Mark “Captain Kidd” Winmill.

Their cheeky humour and the fact that this is “burlesque with balls”, makes for a unique evening out that should not be missed. There is no doubt about the quality of their talents mere minutes into the performance. Who else could solve a Rubik’s cube while flirtily stripping? It certainly has made me overthink what I look for in a man.

“Briefs” is basically what we all wanted Magic Mike to be. Only live and in close-up, and with better makeup – so what are you waiting for?

Reviewed by Lisa Theresa Downey-Dent

BRIEFS plays at the London Wonderground until 24 September 2016