REVIEW: CHARMING DICK (Cockpit Theatre) ★★★★★

charming-dickCHARMING DICK opened this week at the aptly named Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone, after enjoying a festive season last year at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Brilliantly directed, once again, by Tim McArthur, the actors play to every corner of the room, making every seat a great view. As well as directing the show, Tim McArthur takes on the role of panto dame (he is a seasoned dame in the world of pantomime). Twankie (with a silent ‘T’) keeps the audience laughing throughout the show, with scouring pads for a necklace and more make up than a club full of Essex girls (I am one so I can say that).

Alistair Frederick plays Big Dick (because everyone loves big dick) wonderfully, with charm and an innocent glint in his eye. Matthew Floyd Jones (of Frisky and Mannish fame) plays The Witch and swoops in and out of scenes whilst managing to keep his prosthetic features firmly in place! The Witch is a difficult character to play in a panto for some reason and it can be hit or miss as to whether or not an actor can pull it off but thankfully Matthew Floyd Jones does a great job. Having seen Faye Reeves play Babe in the show last year, I couldn’t imagine it being played by anyone else but Abigail Carter Simpson won me over with her portrayal of the character. The ever so charming Stewart Briggs plays the prince, galloping around on a mop for a horse and acting like spoilt little rich boy. The whole cast really seem to work together in this production and make for a fantastic show.

CHARMING DICK is a filthy adult panto but manages to never cross the line and become crude. It’s great fun and very…. well… charming! I just hope the good people of Marylebone can handle it!

Reviewed by West End Wilma

CHARMING DICK plays at the Cockpit Theatre until 23 December 2016