1026Chester Tuffnut is a woodland mole who loves adventures. He is always on the look out for someone to go on an adventure with but most of the other animals aren’t as energetic as he is. The moral of the story is that your friends are important and sometimes just stepping back and enjoying life is one big adventure.

There are some lovely animals in the show, which takes place in the Polka Theatre studio space, with adults and children sat on the floor in a school storytime setting. Snails, Bats and even an Owl are all invited to go on an adventure with Chester throughout this short little show. Unfortunately, the main character Chester the tree mole is the least likeable of all the animals. He comes across as annoying and his non-English babbled dialogue seems unnecessary and perhaps isn’t teaching young children how to talk the way they should.

The three cast members tell the story and act as puppeteers for the other animals. Sadly there isn’t a great deal of charisma coming from the stage although Sanjay Shelat does a good job.

At the end of the show, children are invited to stay for ‘playtime’ where they can meet and interact with the animals which is a lovely touch although it was actually more enjoyable than the show itself.

Chester Tuffnut is a show for children 2+ and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a nice Saturday afternoon out with the little ones but £12 per ticket for a 40 minute play seemed a little excessive for the quality of the production. I took my two year old grand daughter to see her first ever theatre show. It is great that shows like this are there for young children to attend but I am looking forward to taking her to something slightly better when she is a bit older.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Chester Tuffnut plays at the Polka Theatre until 14 August 2016