REVIEW: ‘Cinderella: The Socially Distanced Ball’ at the Turbine Theatre

Cinderella: The Socially Distanced Ball‘ comes to Battersea’s Turbine Theatre this Christmas, written by Jodie Prenger and Neil Hurst. It’s a classic story with a 2020 twist and a very political point about ‘viability within the Arts’.

Brilliantly written, directed and performed with a beautifully designed set that serves as a reminder that no matter what the size of your budget or production, if your heart is in it, you can create something special.

Oscar Conlon-Morrey and Scott Paige were born to play the Ugly Sisters in this show. Camp with comedic timing and a bucket load of sass – they were delicious to watch! Everyone knows that the Ugly Sisters hate their step-sister Cinderella but it was nice to see a brief moment when the three were dancing away together, showing that underneath the hate, there is some kind of bond between them.

Rufus Hound is a wonderful Buttons, Daisy Wood Davis is perfect as Cinderella and Sean Parkins looks like he’s strutted right out of an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race as the Fairy Godmother. Debbie Kurup is as you’ve never seen her before, taking on the role of the Prince and she smashes it out of the park, enjoying every second.

I was surprised to see audience participation being encouraged throughout, as Government guidelines for indoor theatre clearly state that this should not be encouraged. However, seats were well spaced out with perspex between and it didn’t feel unsafe but I did feel let down by them going against the rules. I was however strongly tempted to join in with chants of “fuck the Tories” but managed to refrain.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Mark Senior