REVIEW: Crazy for You (New Victoria Theatre) ★★★★

The plot – New York banker Bobby Child is being sent to the outback’s of Deadrock, Nevada to close its rundown and ramshackle theatre but instead finds himself falling in love with local lass Polly – The only girl in town. Child tries to win Polly’s affections by trying to arrange a big musical show for the Deadrock theatre.

It’s hard to imagine a finer song and dance man than the fabulous Tom Chambers, who is giving something of a tour de force performance here. Chambers is the perfect leading man and his polished vocals and fancy footwork appear as effortless as a young Fred Astaire. Charlotte Wakefield makes a sweet and spunky Polly. Neil Ditt is on board for laughs as the real Bela Zangler, and Clare Sweeney has fun with her “Naughty Baby” number.”

There’s plenty of Slapstick and comedy throughout the show but for me one of the standout moments was the very clever scene early in the second half when Child and Zangler are together, dressed identically and humorously believing to be each other. It is a brilliant performance from both Chambers and Ditt and worth the price of a ticket alone.

An announcement before the show informs you that all the music you’re about to hear is live, played on stage. And it’s true not only do the ensemble act, sing and dance, but they make up part of the orchestra, playing instruments live on stage.

I wouldn’t say I was ‘crazy’ but it’s still an enjoyable couple of Hours and who can ask for anything more………

Reviewed by Neil Mcfarlane


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