Dan+RobotAre you worried that your smartphone is taking over your life? Concerned that a computer could take your job? Troubled by all the data you share online and what happens to it? Spend an hour with Dan Simpson, stand-up and poet, as he takes on the machines.

Presenting a techy show in a very un-techy venue in the Banshee Labyrinth, Simpson shares his poetry inspired by computers and the internet and co-creates a new poem each day with the audience. He’s even brave enough to use artificial intelligence to create poems through the show; surely a computer can’t write poetry as well as a human?

Simpson engages the audience with his selfie stick, post-it notes and emoji balloons through the show. He is a talented wordsmith and 55 minutes pass quickly in his company. This is poetry for the selfie generation.

This show is listed as spoken word but could equally be listed under comedy. If you’ve ever wondered what a poem written entirely in emojis would look and sound like, Dan Simpson is your man.

Dan Simpson: Artificial Ineloquence plays at Banshee Labyrinth until 28 August 2016 (not 16th)

Reviewed by Rhiannon Evans