REVIEW: DENY, DENY, DENY (Park Theatre) ★★★★

deny_680x420Following on from the success of DEAD SHEEP and AN AUDIENCE WITH JIMMY SAVILE, Jonathan Maitland returns to the Park Theatre with his new play DENY, DENY, DENY about the illegal drug use within competitive sporting competitions.

Eve is a promising young athlete with much potential. Her coach suggests she try a new cutting edge type of therapy which could help to make her the fastest woman in world of sport. That’s one offer that most of us wouldn’t be able to refuse. But is it all as legal as it’s made out to be or will it turns Eve’s career upside down?

Juma Sharkah plays Eve, the athlete who wants nothing more than to win a gold medal and show the world she is the fastest runner ever. Zoe Waites plays coach Rona, who seemingly has nothing but Eve’s best interests at heart but pushes her further and further to take steps outside of her comfort zone, no matter how much Eve’s heart advises her against the idea. Shvorne Marks plays Joyce, Roma’s other training student who isn’t at the level Rona thinks she needs to be at to understand the new therapy that she is trying to push upon Eve. Daniel Fraser plays Eve’s boyfriend and Sports Journalist Tom and Eve finds herself at a cross roads where she needs to pick either him or her coach.

The set design is simple which just a white stage in the middle of the auditorium and some reflecting panels down the side of the stage. The main action is within the script and the performances and so grand set designs are not necessary for this show. It is thought-provoking, hard hitting and a very current topic in today’s society. It wasn’t overly clear within the production that it is set in the future but the idea of modifying your genes is obviously not something we are quite at the level of in this day and age quite yet.

On the whole, Deny, Deny, Deny is well worth a watch. Some great performances and a very well written play that will leave you contemplating the issues in todays society and questioning what is right and what is wrong. The Park Theatre is fast becoming one of my favourite off-west end venues and they continue to put on very interesting pieces of theatre.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

DENY, DENY, DENY plays at the Park Theatre until 3 December 2016