Can a one night stand last a lifetime? ‘Dirty Great Love Story’ playing at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End aims to answer that question through the ‘will they/wont they’ story of ‘Richard’ (Felix Scott) and ‘Katie’ (Ayesha Antoine).

Presented completely in rhyme, a night of drunken passion blossoms into a bumbling and uncertain romance between an unlikely couple as we see the trials and hurdles they face on their way to discovering the obvious.

Being a two hander, both actors portrayed multiple characters with ease and skill, a truly capable pair. They were believable from start to finish, I just wish I could say the same for the writing.

What seems to be the primary downfall of this extremely successful Edinburgh transfer is the fact that unless you go glamping, your family owns a castle or the biggest worry in your life is the lack of gluten free bakeries in your gentrified suburb you will be unable to relate to this piece at all. The play simply was dry, tedious and showed no sign of ending!

I must make it clear that the material is solely to blame for this poor production, as both the actors and the direction made a decent impact with what they had. This play had brilliant reviews in its previous productions and I find it difficult to grasp why opinion has changed so drastically. Perhaps its original concept is now outdated, leaving it stagnant and difficult to grasp.

If Dr. Suess were to re-write ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ this would be the disappointing result of his efforts.

Reviewed by Jimmy Richards
Photo: Richard Davenport for The Other Richard

DIRTY GREAT LOVE STORY plays at the Arts Theatre until 18 March 2017