REVIEW: DISNEY ON ICE: Silver Anniversary (Wembley Arena)

There aren’t many girls who didn’t dream of being a Disney princess when they were little and I was no exception. The pretty colours, the fairytale dream of a handsome prince and happily ever after. Oh reality, why are you so cruel?

But sometimes, the magic ignites and your imagination reawakens. Add that to the other dreamy idea of being an ice-skater and suddenly the stakes are much higher. Disney. On. Ice.

Surrounded by little girls in princess gowns we felt quite underdressed – yes of course I want an Elsa dress – but the excitement from the children (and those who are kids at heart) made the atmosphere even better.

Kicking off with It’s A Small World, the cast dazzle in silver and blue costumes, skating in chains as well as individually in a fantastic opening sequence. Once Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy arrive everyone is ready for the magic as they take us on a journey around the world.

We start at the Savannah where Simba and Nala play as cubs, before being joined by Timon and Pumba for several small group numbers including Hakuna Matata, plus a lovely duet to Can You Feel the Love Tonight. Simba and Nala are both beautiful skaters, moving seamlessly with their lifts and sequences.

The group next head to London for an interesting version of Jolly Holiday with beefeaters, a copper and several Pearly Kings and Queens. But once we find the Darling house, the show’s characters, scenery and costumes really come into their element. Flying children, a fairy and a fabulous pirate ship and Lost Boys hideaway. Not to mention an enormous crocodile!

Cue the ocean and the wonderful world under the sea with bubbles, sea creatures galore, a giant sea witch and wonderful solo skating from Ariel. It’s difficult not to join in with the singing and by the time we reach Arendelle, everyone is belting out the Disney hits.

The Frozen scenes are spectacular, with most of the songs included, a wonderful duet from Ana and Hans, an incredible skating rally from Elsa to Let It Go and of course, an appearance from Olaf. Sadly, Sven doesn’t appear, which is a shame as Nana and Pumba had previously displayed their four-legged selves with humour and style.

Costumes and make-up are perfect, with superb attention to detail particularly Captain Hook and Smee. The skating is almost flawless, with good acting and chemistry from the cast and there are very few noticeable skating errors. It is magical, poignant and a joy to behold. Now how about that Elsa dress?

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes

Disney On Ice is currently on tour around the UK