Doctor Who: Time Fracture is a BBC officially licensed immersive theatrical adventure which plunges audiences into the incredible universe of television’s Doctor Who. Re-opening after extensive repairs caused by flooding, the show boasts 43 live actors and 17 different worlds to explore during an epic journey across space and time. Audiences travel to exciting new (and old) places, confront menacing monsters and encounter ancient aliens – all while they battle to save all of existence!

Doctor Who: Time Fracture’s immersive adventure revolves around an anomaly believed to have been caused by the Luftwaffe bomb in the 1940s. A small fissure of light radiating unidentified energies known as the Time Fracture. Only the Unified Intelligence Task Force (also known as UNIT) knew about this anomaly and knew it for what it really was – a hole through time, space and dimensions, a break in the very fabric of reality. Kept stable by unit, The Time Fracture has been kept a secret from the public through clever cover ups until now. With the sudden arrival of alien entities from across the universe, the Time Fracture has increased in size and energy to a dangerous degree. Now UNIT and the Doctor, need civilians to volunteer to enter the Time Fracture and discover who or what caused the Time Fracture and battle to save the universe!

From the moment you step into UNIT, it’s clear the audience is in for an awfully big adventure. Ticket checkers and coat check attendees all wish us a “good mission” and we’re encouraged to engage the actors throughout. Entering the first set you’re immediately struck with how detailed, realistic and impressive Rebecca Brower’s production design is and as you discover new worlds throughout the experience, the design shines. Coupled with brilliant sound and lighting, you really do feel like you’ve been transported into an episode of your favourite Time Lord. The actors work immensely hard throughout, they’re engaging and entertaining and it’s such a thrill to see all the costumes, set pieces and villains from the show (just don’t blink or you might miss them).

Not knowing what to expect or how to experience the story, I wish more of an emphasis had been placed on guiding audience members as your ability to follow the plot is entirely reliant upon which stories you encounter. Some actors drew us into their stories and spaces, however I felt we missed parts due to being uncertain of how to experience the show and navigate the space.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is a very fun night out. With cameos from all the Doctors and plenty of easter eggs, super fans will love the experience. Everyone else will be drawn into a world of wonder and after the last couple of years, who doesn’t want an otherworldly wibbly wobbly timey–wimey escape?


Reviewed by Stuart James