Every Wild Beast

In a tiny box room up a wooden spiral staircase, you can find a little bit of magic.

Every Wild Beast is enchanting. The tale of a girl and a boy who in unlikely circumstances, find each other and go on a wonderful journey. We are guided by the gentle voice of the storyteller (Sullivan Brown) who is heartwarmingly captivating, not only narrating the tale but creating an incredibly likeable character in the process. His gorgeous tone has you laughing hysterically one moment, and yet gasping in shock the next. The tender care he takes with Casey Jay Andrews’ phenomenal script (that can almost be described as poetry) doesn’t allow you to leave the world of the show for a second, and is integral to the show. He also controls the music and the lights which is a beautiful touch, as it really feels like he is taking us on a journey, and gives the atmosphere a little touch of wonder.

Tom Coliandris (Sam) and Casey Jay Andrews (Barri and also the writer of the show) capture our hearts instantly. Their relationship is complex and charming and they turn a tiny stage into an attic, a forest, cities and mountains. The care they take to balance taking us on a journey while still having us invested in the characters and their backstories is superb and the pairs chemistry is undeniable.

What we see in this show is three young actors in their element. They are perfectly cast with exceptional investment to the gorgeous language and the beautiful story. At it’s core that is what Every Wild Beast is. A wonderfully magical story.

Review by Kara Taylor Alberts (@karaalberts)