Call yourself a feminist? FLAT AND THE CURVES certainly do

Flat & the Curves took to the stage of the Above The Stag Cabaret room recently, bringing feminism to the stage in the most hilarious of ways. Imagine a night out with your friends, sharing a bottle of wine and regaling all your latest antics through song! Their stories of sex, love (or lack of) and what it is to be a woman living in this modern world.

With a set of original songs about everything from the conversations that happen in ladies toilets, periods, hen do’s and mother nature, to porn, swingers and flashers, these songs are not for the easily shocked. ‘Woman Up’ makes glorious use of the C word and there is even some simulated sex that would rival a performance from Madonna.

‘Treat Me Like You Treat Your Phone’ is a reminder to all of us in relationships that sometimes you need to put your phone away and focus on the person sitting in front of you, whilst ‘The Shard’ is a comical take on what men think every woman wants on her anniversary, to be ‘taken up the shard’ (I’ll let you find the joke there).

The songs are the creation of two comic geniuses – Katy Baker (whose previous band The Four Femmes on the Thames won the 2016 Musical Comedy Award) and multi-talented, multi-instrumental Charlotte Brooke (Musical Comedy Best Newcomer 2019). Also in the band are performers Arabella Rodrigo (an independent vocalist who has worldwide experience performing in a variety of genres including pop, jazz, musical theatre and now comedy) and Issy Wroe-Wright (singer, actor and producer of the sell-out Sh!t-Faced Showtime). Put these all together and you have an evening of rip-roaring entertainment with music influenced by Jazz divas, 90’s Girl bands and Classical Primadonnas.

Big voices, brassy tones, and plenty of banter. Flat and the Curves is a seriously good night out!


Reviewed by West End Wilma