forty shades of strawberry blond leicester square theatre

The phrase ‘One Man Show’ can strike fear into the hearts of many, however Paul Carroll’s ‘Forty Shades of Strawberry Blond’, at the Leicester Square Theatre left me pleasantly surprised.

In his hour long show, Carroll switches from one character to another at break neck speed, the next even sillier and more obscure than the last. From the actor who brings his own wind machines to an audition, to a gypsy goldilocks, to a naughty nun – the variety is quite something to behold.

Like all sketch comedy you are going to get your hits and misses. A particular hit being Carroll’s character the Duke of Cromer. Imagine Prince Phillip giving a public address whilst having a serious Tourette’s problem, and you get the picture. Whilst many of the transitions into new characters worked, some changes were a little stilted and slow to get going again.

Despite some of the lines being tripped over slightly, the script, co-written by Carroll and Trudy Hodgson, was mostly slick with moments of real hilarity.

The use of voice over and music was very well done, supporting the comedy beautifully and adding moments of humour.

There’s no doubt Carroll delivered a very entertaining evening, I was certainly entertained, but I can appreciate the off the wall comedy style may not be for everyone.

Reviewed by Laura Milas
Photo: Karina Bedkowska Photography