REVIEW: FRISKY AND MANNISH’S POPLAB (Assembly George Square Gardens) ★★★★★

I first fell in love with Frisky and Mannish seven years ago and they were one of the first acts I ever reviewed on this blog. Back then I said “if you don’t fall in love with Frisky and Mannish, then you can’t have much of a sense of humour” and I stand by that today. Utterly hilarious, brilliant singers and razor sharp wit.

Ten years since they burst onto the scene with their wildly popular brand of musical infotainment, Frisky & Mannish are officially Pop PhDs, fully qualified to conduct scientific analyses of the molecular intersections between every pop song ever. Well at least that’s the idea behind this year’s sell-out Edinburgh Fringe Show.

Poplab takes the crowd into the secret lair of Frisky and Mannish‘s laboratory, where they have been looking at formulas that make a great pop hit. Taking the theory of how so many great pop hits throughout the ages follow the same musical chord progression, Frisky and Mannish demonstrate this by singing all your favourite pop hits, showing how the music is in fact the same and that is why we love them. Their aim – to find one hit in their PopLab that doesn’t follow this methodology. Whether or not they do, well you will just have to go and find out for yourself.

One of the best cabaret acts up at the fringe, Frisky and Mannish are a must-see hour of perfect musical comedy.

Reviewed by West End Wilma


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