REVIEW: From Dust (Gilded Balloon) ★★★★

Last year my Pick of The Fringe was Lion House’s Every Wild Beast, so I had high expectations for From Dust, Lion House’s Edinburgh Fringe Show this year. I was most definitely not disappointed.

The show follows Gilly (Sullivan Brown) and Jessie (Tom Coliandris) in an unlikely and completely accidental friendship that slowly (and most definitely slowly) builds after Tom’s Reno Cleo breaks down in the woods on New Years Eve. Gorgeously narrated by the brilliant writer and storyteller Casey Jay Andrews, the piece is magic. The use of projections on Justin Williams beautifully designed set adds to the atmosphere that the trio so effortlessly creates. They are a superbly talented cast and work together seamlessly. The only criticism I have for the piece is that the venue was too big for them. Last years show in their tiny box room made the piece all that more special and intimate, and served them much better.

Nonetheless, the team master an often forgotten art form. Storytelling. And this is that at it’s finest. The show is touching, beautiful and warm. No one does Storytelling like Lion House.

Reviewed by Kara Taylor Alberts