REVIEW: From The Ground Up (Assembly Roxy) ★★★★★

Structured like a psychological study, From The Ground Up is the Almeida Young Theatre Company’s fringe transfer from Shoreditich Town Hall. The audience members are asked a series of questions. They are told they have two options. Yes or No. No grey. No middle.

I am hesitant to describe the show any further as I hope that it will have a future life and I don’t want to spoil such a unique experience. I will say, it is a show that makes you question yourself and your choices. An interactive, immersive show like nothing you have ever experienced, the talented cast lead you through the study creating an incredibly open and honest room. Fascinating is not only your own answers – the quick fire questions with no middle option results in very honest ones – but watching others around you answer these questions. In the intimate venue you watch the faces of strangers around you as they make decisions and shock even themselves.

It is fun, thought provoking and a beautifully crafted and executed piece of theatre and my pick of the fringe.

Reviewed by Kara Taylor Alberts