REVIEW: FROZEN (Broadway Cast Recording)

Back in 2013 a blizzard made its way around the world when a little film called Frozen opened at cinemas and featured the song Let It Go performed by ex Wicked Elphaba Idina Menzel which would go on to become a worldwide hit. So when it was announced that the film would be turned in to a Broadway musical, I don’t think anyone was surprised but everyone counted down the days until its arrival.

The show did a test-run in Denver, Colorado last year in 2017 before its opening on Broadway earlier this year. The original cast recording has just been released and as I’ve not had to opportunity to see the show on Broadway yey, I couldn’t wait to at least get my ears on the music.

The musical has been padded out from the songs that featured in the film. There are now twenty one songs (plus a bonus track on the recording that was cut from the show) when the original film only had eight. All our favourites are of course on there, Do You Want To Build A Snowman, For The First Time In Forever and of course Let It Go but the problem is the new songs don’t quite live up to expectation.

Whilst there are some good songs (Monster, Hans of the Southern Isles, In Summer and True Love) the problem is the songwriters repeated choice to keep referencing lyrics and melodies from Let It Go in every single song (almost). It becomes a little tiring and whilst some references help to tell the story, it feels overdone and lazy. Instead of working to create great new songs, it feels like they have copy and pasted other songs together from the original songs in the film.

The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Frozen the Musical is good. I think its definitely one that will grow on your with repeat listens but I’m not sure I’m too bothered about putting it on my repeat playlist. Will I go and see the show on Broadway? Yes, I will because I think watching the show come to life on stage will make it feel more magical but sadly on it’s own, the music didn’t blow me away overall.


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