REVIEW: GET ‘EM OFF (Above The Stag) ★★★

stag83Get ‘Em Off! is the latest offering from the UK’s only full-time LGBT Theatre, Above The Stag, in the heart of Vauxhall. A musical comedy which tells the story of the local Croydon gay bar, The Golden Canary. After bar owner Quinny announces he might have to shut up shop and sell, local punters decide that introducing a weekly strip competition might attract some business. But who will strip? Some customers are more than willing to volunteer, others are more reluctant. Sooner or later the boys club together and form a Fully Monty esq group and work towards saving their beloved Golden Canary.

Joe Goldie is brilliant as overly camp college student Mitch. A bundle of energy and facial expressions with the sass of every diva that has ever existed, mixed in with a couple of glitter balls and a dash of Rylan. David Michael Hands shows great versatility playing multiple roles in the show, all uniquely different and well acted. Stuart Harris was the cute and cuddly Scottish school teacher Brian who really let go and gave a great performance.

Derek Walker as Drag Queen and bar owner Quinny played the part well but was let down vocally and came across as a poor mans Lilly Savage. Ashley Daniels as Ricky also stood out as one of the weaker performers in the cast, not really giving much of himself to the audience.

There were some issues with vocal projection during the show and often the music was louder than the singing which made parts difficult to understand.

Get ‘Em Off is a fun night out and a great atmosphere. The songs are catchy but not overly memorable but to be honest I don’t think the clientele were really there to hear great songs. People are there to see naked flesh and there was certainly plenty of that.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Get ‘Em Off plays at Above The Stag until 28 August 2016