REVIEW: GOLDSTONE LIVE (Hippodrome Casino) ★★★★

Goldstone LiveGoldstone are three super-glamorous female singers. They dress in beautiful sparkling clingy dresses, every inch the stars. They are lovely.

This was Goldstone‘s first ever public performance, having previously restricted them selves to international corporate events with other artists, such as Lee Mead and various Osmond brothers.

The Hippodrome is a nightclub of the old school. The audience sit at small separate tables in front of the stage. Each table has four places and each place has a gold themed goody bag. Pink spotlights throw a rich warm glow across the deep blue velvet curtains which line the stage, creating a warm almost dream like atmosphere.

For the number of artists occupying the stage at any time, the space is tight. There is, in the finale, the three Goldstone Girls, eleven other singers, four dancers and the six piece backing group. No one could say that they don’t give value for money.

Prior to the show, the audience were crowded into the auditorium and were buzzing in anticipation of what was to come. The service is good and the waiters are smart, friendly and efficient. Everything is wonderfully comfortable, stress free and exciting.

The members of the backing group enter the stage and tune up. Then, at last, the three Goldstone Girls, Aimie, Helen and Vicky, slink sensuously onto the stage and the audience positively drool. They open with a perfect rendition of One Night Only from the fabulous musical, Dreamgirls. With their impeccable singing and beautiful, glamorous dresses, they could have been lifted straight out of the West End production. Remarkable. They then go through some of the best loved songs from the likes of the Supremes, Carole King and many others and these are not just copycat versions, these are Goldstone unique. Not all of their songs are old classics either, they sing Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, a recent hit from Ariana Grande and even a little Nicki Minaj rap. Something for everybody.

The guest artists all seem to be carefully selected not only for their abundant talent, but also to simply fit in. All are beautiful, glamorously dressed as well as being blessed with a certain attitude. Guests include the fantastic Holly Brewer, the wonderful Jodie Steele and two pairs of tremendous dancers.

Between chart topping hits, soul classics and Broadway tunes, the girls chat to the audience in a friendly, intimate manner, but full of enthusiasm. They are warm and flirty as all great Cabaret artists should be. Helen Karup leads the way, she is a delightfully friendly person with a more than passing resemblance to the film actress and singer Anna Kendrick. I am still drooling.

They are generous when introducing their guests and set the scene wonderfully. At the finish they even meandered around the room, making them selves available for a chat and selfies. Wow! The audience went wild with their applause.

Reviewed by Graham Archer