REVIEW: Guy – The Musical (Bunker Theatre) ★★★★

Guy is a new musical premiering at The Bunker starring Brendan Matthew in the titular role.

Guy is trying to navigate the trials and tribulations of dating and friendship both on and off line. His lack of confidence in his own looks leads him to use photos of his best friend on Grindr leading to a host of complications and mix ups.

This is a really fresh new musical with fantastic songs and great performances. All four actors are excellent but Seann Miley-Moore absolutely shines as Aziz. His solo is the highlight of the show.

Brendan Matthew imbues his part with a great balance of vulnerability, confidence and comic timing. The transition from awkward, under confident Guy to Grindr loving hedonist is perhaps a bit too extreme but Matthew plays it very well.

Adam Braidley almost steals the show with a hilarious, over the top, mimed drag performance, while Steve Banks as Tyler is superb as the heart-broken victim of Guy’s catfish.

The minimalist set worked really well and the choreography was superb.

The major disappointment of the show was the music. The synthesised, recorded music sounded very tinny and on several occasions it totally overpowered the actors’ voices which was a real shame.

This small new venue in a converted car park was the perfect starting point setting for the show; although something will need to be done about the air-conditioning!

Hopefully by the end of the run at The Bunker and the subsequent short tour, the production team will have ironed out the few kinks in the show. It would be fabulous to see it back, possibly at The Mernier Chocolate Factory next door, given full staging and live musicians. I will watch the shows progress with interest.

Reviewed by Kirsty Heath


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