REVIEW: Happily Ever Poofter (Kings Head Theatre) ★★★★

Disney have never told a gay love story, so Rich Watkins has created one himself.

Happily Ever Poofter tells the story of a gay prince trapped in a kingdom faraway, where he is unable to be openly gay. Taking inspiration from all things Disney, his fairy godfather appears and grants his wish to transport him to a kingdom where he can be himself and find his true love. That kingdom is Londons very own Soho!

This is a one man show that is well written and performed. Classic Disney songs have been hilariously rewritten with titles such as “one day my prince will cum” and “I just come out to the king”

Rich Watkins is a very entertaining performer and his facial expressions and voice tones were reminiscent of the late great Rik Mayall. He gets the audience involved, even bringing one person on stage with him to declare his love to him through song, (I was glad not to be sat in the front row at that point!). He has littered the script with great up to date news references and drag race lingo which made things even more enjoyable. He even threw in a few very impressive death drops!

Reviewed by Emily Smith
Photo: Rah Petherbridge