REVIEW: #HONESTAMY (Pleasance Dome) ★★★★

Amy Booth-Steel is a theatre actor – you might even recognise her from the 2008 Andrew Lloyd Webber TV contest to find his next Nancy – however her burgeoning career in the arts was abruptly put on hold five years ago when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and told she might not live out the year. What followed was a period of treatment, depression and PTSD as well as having to re-learn how to use her arm.

As a catharsis, Amy learned how to play the ukulele and recently went viral on YouTube with her jolly, humorous and unwaveringly candid ditties. Now Amy is singing her story at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in an hour’s show (directed by none other than Kathy Burke), which captures her journey from diagnosis back to health and everything she has learned along the way.

#HonestAmy is precisely that. She doesn’t shy away from difficult subject matter and delivers it with a warm and earnest candour. I did feel at some points that the hour was filled out a little but overall it was a joy. Not ashamed to admit that I was sobbing as I delivered my applause at the end.

Reviewed by Peter Cowell


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