REVIEW: Horrible Histories – More Best of Barmy Britain! (Garrick Theatre) ★★★★

This year marks twelve years since the Horrible Histories Live shows started and this is their sixth year in the West End. Staged by Birmingham Stage Company and written by Terry Deary and Neal Foster, this is a great show to take the kids to over the Summer holidays.

Following last years The Best of Barmy Britain show, More Best Of Barmy Britain is another opportunity to see some of their best bits on stage. From the Romans to the Victorians, to Queen Victoria wandering around in disguise (a pair of sunglases), assessing what people think of her and a rapping Will I Am Shakespeare, there are some great comedy songs based on modern pop music, encompassing real life historical stories.

Find out why the Romans were revolting! Could you survive the vicious Vikings? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Would you party with the Puritans? Clap along with crazy King Charles! Dare you stand and deliver to dastardly Dick Turpin? Vomit with the vile Victorians and prepare to do battle in the frightful First World War! It’s history with the nasty bits left in!

Horrible Histories is a great way to teach the youth of today about History. If shows like this existed when I was at school then I would have taken much more of an interest in my History lessons and anything that can be done to encourage children to want to learn is a great thing. And where else can you go to see Queen Victoria break-dancing?

Reviewed by West End Wilma