Can you believe this was my first ever trip to the Finborough Theatre in London? I was excited to finally get to go and check it out and see How To Survive An Apocalypse at the same time.

The theatre is hilarious – the Fawlty Towers of pub theatres and I loved it for its quirkiness. No one really seemed to know what they were doing but it was all fine – quite endearing really! The theatre space itself is cosy and intimate with just two long benches on each side of the stage.

How To Survive An Apocalypse tells the story of Jen and Tim, a married couple whose lives haven’t quite turned out how they hoped. Tim, a games designer, is out of work and being supported by Jen, whose magazine she works for is failing and she is on the verge of being sacked. To avoid dealing with their own problems, they focus on trying to plan for world disasters – stocking up on bottled water and tinned goods, just in case there is an apocalypse, so they can be prepared. But is sweeping their problems under the carpet asking for trouble in the long run?

The play is really very good. The four cast are all amazing, with Kristin Atherton (Jen) stealing the show with a fantastic performance. She is a phenomenal actress and certainly one to look out for in the future. Noel Sullivan (of early 00’s pop band Hear’Say) is also a very good actor and an example of how you shouldn’t judge a pop star before you see them. Christine Gomes (Abby) and Ben Lamb (Bruce) help to keep the play interesting as friend and work colleague to Jen, helping to test the boundaries of relationships.

Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a visit.


Reviewed by West End Wilma