Jungle Rumble, played a sold out run this half term at The Fortune Theatre in the West End and I took my little three-year-old friend along to check it out.

In this family show, we meet ancient elephant Eeli (Sharon Ballard), shy zebra Zella (Rachel Lea-Gray), joketastic Cheetah (Darren Hart) and cheeky monkey Boo (Michael Lin) as they journey deep into the heart of the jungle on a fearless expedition to rescue Snow (Carole Stennett), the last white lion, from the evil Lord Braggard (Ben Stock). Completing this cast of fun-loving creatures is Billy Mahoney (Ensemble).

The cast are fantastic and keep the audience entertained and focused for the whole show (both adults and children were transfixed). From songs about our favourite biscuits (although I would argue a Rivita is no one’s first choice) to a monkey who doesn’t like bananas, there is something for everyone. With bright and colourful costumes, this is a great alternative to a full-scale musical like The Lion King as it gives just as wonderful a feeling of being in the animals habitat, with birds flying over the auditorium.

Jungle Rumble is forty-five minutes of fun for children and adults of all ages, with an inspirational message about working together to protect the Earth. Having to answer the question “where have they gone” after the show ended, showed that my friend enjoyed the show and he was happy knowing they had gone back to the jungle where they belonged.

A nice life lesson for the little ones (and some of the big ones too!)


Reviewed by West End Wilma