REVIEW: LA CLIQUE (Leicester Square Spiegeltent)

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a cabaret. There’s something about the atmosphere in the Spiegeltent; everyone claps a little bit harder, shouts a little bit louder and shrieks a little bit higher. It’s electrifying.

It’s also mesmerising. No matter how many times you’ve seen similar acts before, the performers are still able to shock and delight.

Supported by the fantastic orchestra, Bernie Dieter’s ‘lascivious gin-soaked charm’ opens the show and she prowls around looking for victims. Her voice is sultry and teasing; her stage presence commanding.

The Skating Willers III raise heartbeats around the ring as they spin fast and perform breathtaking acts on roller-skates.

Mirko Köckenberger owns the stage as he leaps and balances on top of various suitcases… he also undresses and (sadly) dresses himself whilst balancing. It’s… well, arousing!

But it is Heather Holliday who really disarms the audience. Her incredible swallowing prowess is flabbergasting. From swords to a cutlass, not to mention pungent fire, it’s a weird amalgamation of scary and sexy, but it works!

Cancel the office Christmas party and instead, bring your colleagues to La Clique!


Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes