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CAUTION: This review may contain nudity!

The multi award winning La Soiree is back for its 8th year and is calling the the Aldwych Theatre its London home its 2017/2018 season. This show that brings an eclectic and diverse range of cabaret and circus performers together, culminating in an evening of spectacular entertainment.

The first thing that you notice upon entering the playing space is that this isn’t going to be your average night at the theatre. The traditional rows of seating have been removed and a circular extension to the stage has been extended in to the auditorium with chairs being placed around it in a very circus-esque style. There are even seats and tables on the stage with the viewing public being sat waiting for the show to start.

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best cirque cabaret shows I have seen. A plethora of artists with hugely varied skills and talents delight and dazzle us through an evening of nail-biting, heart stopping and breathtaking acts.

Every act adds to the atmosphere and spirit of the evening but there are some truly stand out performers that are masters of their chosen art form. The show opens with Cabaret Decadanse, a puppet inspired duo unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I won’t spoil the act but I will say it’s incredible what these performers achieve with stuffed rags and scraps of material and has to be seen to be believed.

Amy G, a comic powerhouse and singing sensation on roller skates had the audience rolling in the aisles with laughter as she created sketch after sketch of beautifully perfected comedy that left everyone wanting more. The laughter continues with the talents of the marital duo Daredevil Chicken whose risqué and rude antics are not for the faint hearted but are absolute comedy genius!

The Chilly Brothers are literally breath taking as they perform their jaw dropping routines that leave you worried someone may not make it out alive! La Serviette provides some light hearted fun with their tricks and tom foolery and the audience are just waiting for a slip of one of those towels . . . Intrigued . . . you should be!

La Soiree hits the mark and delivers its awe-inspiring acts with sass and flair. The venue is somewhat questionable, this type of show feels as though it should be at the Underbelly Festival on the Southbank but I appreciate the vision and brave decision to try something new in a new space.

This is fresh, exciting and quite frankly invigorating and will warm you through on those cold winter nights!

Reviewed by Matthew Wren Andrew

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