REVIEW: Le Gateau Chocolat: Icons (Soho Theatre) ★★★★

Take Drag Race’s Latrice Royale, blend with Lady Gaga and pepper it all with a rich bass voice and beard, you end up with Le Gateau Chocolat. This unstereotypical, wonderfully creative drag performer’s recent show, ‘Icons’ at the Soho Theatre, explores the pop culture and experiences that have shaped him into the individual he is today.

There is a deeply truthful feel to the cabaret/concert/comedy show, as Chocolat takes the audience through the music and events that punctuated his life.

The show was beautifully structured, with deeply personal stories told with honesty, poignancy and humour. The hilariously performed Meatloaf tribute had me gasping for air (I have never seen better use of smoke and a wind machine) whilst the emotionally driven rendition of ‘For Good’ from ‘Wicked’ would bring tears to a glass eye. What was truly remarkable was Chocolat’s reinvention of such well loved songs to suit his personal story (I found myself really listening to every lyric as though it were the first time).

In these times of political uncertainty and social unrest it can be difficult to let ones inhibitions free and simply enjoy something for what it is, this is where Chocolat excelled. He took a cabaret venue and made it a stadium, connecting with the audience whilst remaining true to himself every step of the way.

Chocolat is an icon in the making.

Reviewed by Jimmy Richards