REVIEW: LOBSTER (Underbelly, Bristro Square) ★★★★★

In 30 years, the cultural change in courtship has been enormous. Today, overwhelmed by technology, are we losing sight of what human connection truly is…?

Based entirely on real-life experiences, this hilarious, romping, multimedia exposé of modern dating scrutinises the deeper, brutal side of love and life, challenging our preconceptions of women and dating, sex and autonomy.

From dreadful dates to exciting encounters, Tinder swiping, sexting, dick pics, pressuring parents and supportive friends… why is Polly so desperate…? What lies behind her relentless campaign…? And what might any of us do when our world falls apart?

That is literally the description of the show but I can’t put it anymore succinctly than they have there! Lobster is a refreshingly current look at modern day dating, with hilarious true stories of dating mishaps, told by Gemma Harvey. There is also a series side to this show, it covers topics like ‘stealthing’ (when a man says he is wearing a condom during sex but isn’t or he removes it before the climax) which is a big thing in the headlines at the moment and it is great to see a show like this using their platform to discuss it.

Lobster is a brilliant hour of comedy, go see it!

Reviewed by West End Wilma


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