REVIEW: LONDON NEVER DIES (Bloomsbury Ballroom) ★★★★★

When it comes to multitasking, the jury’s still out on who can and can’t manage it. So combining a theatrical extravaganza with a sumptuous banquet could be a risky move. However, this is exactly what the London Cabaret Club has done. And this gamble has definitely paid off.

The Bloomsbury Ballroom welcomes you with pre-show entertainment as you sip on a cocktail (or two) and enjoy some nibbles and canapés. The gluten-free option was potato purée wrapped in Parma ham – divine.

However, once you enter the Ballroom itself, the anticipation heightens. The stage is in front of your table – so close that you can almost touch it. The wine is flowing, the food is sensational and the music is pumping.

The show begins – a whirlwind of spectacles: acrobats, magicians, dancers, singers and more, all carefully choreographed to the music from James Bond. There’s no real story as such, but it flows chronologically, with the familiar themes and anthems really adding to the excitement. There’s even a dog!

Some of the acts are so daring, that the audience gasps and screams. Later on the foreboding is replaced by awe and countless questions as to how on earth that is possible?

With such a show, one might expect the food to be an afterthought, but this is not the case. The food is exquisite. The pheasant is tender and delicate, the cheese soufflé light and full of flavour. The dessert is beautiful, but overshadowed by the Easter tiramisu cocktail, which was a cross between a White Russian and an espresso martini… served in a chocolate egg.

Once the show is over, the evening doesn’t stop and everyone is invited to dance the night away…

This show is exciting, dynamic, sexy; at times it is extraordinary. The food is well-thought out and delicious. The staff go out of their way to accommodate all needs (although there is a fair bit of upselling) and it really is an utterly fabulous night.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes



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