REVIEW: LONDON-PARIS-ROAM (Les Feux de la Rampe) ★★★★

Sarah Tullamore has lived in Japan, Italy, and for the last many years Paris, after following her dreams (and a man) to the most romantic city in the world. Now a woman of a certain age, she has decided it is time to take stock and maybe it’s time for a change?

This Cabaret show is a love letter to Paris and to the world. One woman’s story of her life and loves, clearing through the clutter in her mind as she packs her bags to move on to the next big adventure.

London-Paris-Roam! premiered at La Comédie Nation Theatre, Paris in November 2015 and has gone on to play in London, Edinburgh and South Africa. After sell out shows at the Paris Fringe Festival, Sarah returned to tell her story at Les Feux de la Rampe in Paris on the eve of Valentines Day.

Featuring hilarious songs by James Burn, including “Oh My God Paris”, “The Bill”, “The Compatibility Blues” and “One Step Forward”, this is a hilarious romp through what it’s like to navigate yourself around a brand new city when you first move there. I took particular comfort in many of these stories as I myself have only been in Paris for just under a month and so many of the experiences told are ones I am experiencing right now.

Sarah Tullamore is a great storyteller and has a beautiful voice that could rival Julie Andrews. With minimal set and props, she keeps her audience engaged for the majority of the eighty minute show. An hour would be perfect for this show though and it did feel unnecessarily long (including two encores and more bowing than I imagine the Queen see’s most days). But Sarah has an endearing manner and has put together a brilliant show that mixes Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love with the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Tell Me On A Sunday.

London-Paris-Roam! is definitely something I would take friends to see for a fun night out at the theatre!

Reviewed by West End Wilma 


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