REVIEW: Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows (Underbelly) ★★★★

Margaret Thatcher has been pretty busy taking the world by storm over the last few years. Back in 2014, Maggie’s show Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Soho saw her get lost in Soho on the eve of the vote on Section 28 and accidentally became a cabaret superstar. Her latest show Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows sees Maggie lead audience members to compete for their golden giro cheque in a topical drag cabaret extravaganza like no other!

Alongside cameo appearances from Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Merkel, Nigel Farage, Nicola Sturgeon and Owen Jones, and games including Brexit Through The Gift Shop, Fake News and Check Your Privilege, this is a night of hilarious political satire brilliantly performed at London’s Underbelly Festival, prior to a run at this Summer’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.

Created by Jon Brittain (writer of the current West End play Rotterdam) and performed by actor/comedian/writer Matt Tedford, this show is a constant work in progress, having to be updated in line with political news headlines. In a recent interview with Maggie she said “it’s a different show every night”. When asked about current Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent admission of the naughtiest thing she’s ever done, Maggie says “Yes, I think messing up the country is very very bad”.

If you’ve not seen Margaret Thatcher Queen Of Game Shows then you really are missing out. If you are heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, add this to your list of must see shows.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Watch my interview with Margaret Thatcher below