REVIEW: Midnight (St James Studio)

CQ3nnQPXAAAbP0HAloff Theatre’s brand new musical Midnight had its worldwide premiere workshop presentation this week at the St James Theatre. The theatre company dedicate themselves to the promotion of new and classic works from East Europe and Central Asia.

Midnight is set in Azerbaijan on New Years Eve, 1937. The secret police, the NKVD are breaking down doors and executing people because of the paranoia of dictator Joseph Stalin. In the minutes leading up to the stroke of midnight, Man and Woman get a knock on the door. Time stands still whilst they indulge the supposed NKVD officer but soon enough they realise he is something far worse and over the next hour their love and trust of each other will be tested.

Midnight is a great show. I love a good crime drama and this has all the twists and turns you could expect. David Hunter and Rebecca Trehearn are perfectly cast in the lead roles of the happy couple, their relationship is believable and their voices blend nicely together. Nicolas Colicos is also perfect as the visitor although his powerful voice was sometimes overpowering on the small studio space. The musical ensemble were all well used and perhaps a little underused given how great they sounded.

Sadly what lets this down a little is the music. Whilst it is very nice to listen to and melodic, there were any huge eleven o’clock numbers to really pack a punch. It would be nice to see something a little more punchy and lively interspersed in the show.

Midnight has real potential to go further on the London Thestre scene. It’s a great story (even if it does get a little crazy) and was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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