Moriarty‘Professor James Moriarty invites you to celebrate the finest minds of London by solving his cryptic challenge, which he has personally prepared. Your goal is to find his safe house. Succeed and he will present you with an offer you won’t refuse.’

And with an offer like that, how could I refuse the chance to go on a treasure hunt around London? With interactive-theatre becoming increasingly more popular in recent years, games like this are cropping up more often and I was keen to go and see what it’s all about.

Getting off to a bad start, the place where we were due to find out first clue was in fact closed which left my team scratching our heads as to how we could solve a clue we couldn’t get to! Eventually, after a phone call to the help line we were skipped forward to the forth clue which took us away from the closed venue! Our adventure took us all around London on foot and was a lovely way to see the city (thankfully the weather was on our side and we didn’t get caught in any rain). Finding ourselves in a large department store, the answer to our clue was in an area with no phone signal or WIFI, causing us to have to hope we had the right answer to submit when we could or it would have meant another trek back to look for the correct answer. Thankfully we were correct!

I’m not very good at solving riddles and cryptic clues and so I roped in some of my most talented friends who thankfully were very good! Towards the end I started to get into the swing of things and even solved a few clues myself! The show does state that a good level of English understanding is needed for this game and I would suggest anyone who was not born and raised in the UK may struggle (no matter how fluent in English) with the very cryptic clues.

Clues to the game are delivered direct to your mobile phone and responses are received back very quickly and so it all worked fairly well. Perhaps a mobile App could work better though to avoid text charges being incurred as there are around twenty answers to clues that need to be solved.

HiddenCity was created by two brothers who wanted to organise an alternative city experience for friends. HiddenCity now has trails operating in London, Manchester and Brighton. It was a fun afternoon out in London with friends and took us to many pubs along the way where we could replenish out strengths. Moriarty’s Game isn’t without its faults but on the whole it was a very good experience.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

MORIARTY’S GAME is booking until 1 March 2017