REVIEW: Murder at the Library – a murder mystery supper club (The Library) ★★★★

I love a good murder mystery and so when I found out about Murder At The Library, my interest was instantly peaked. Then when I found out it involved a five course meal of fine dining with wine pairings, well, anyone who knows me will know they had me at ‘wine pairings’.

Held at the beautiful private members club The Library, on St Martins Lane in London’s West End, guests (who are encouraged to dress in 1930’s style) arrive and are presented with a choice of welcome cocktail and given a chance to settle in amongst the books and ambience of the club. Shortly after, two characters walk in to the room and mingle with the guests before taking us through to the dining room and seating the fifteen or so guests for dinner.

It’s 1935 and members of the LIBRARY London Secret Supper Club have gathered for an evening of decadence and luxury, as politicians, artists and elites of the city sit shoulder to shoulder to discuss the on-goings of the country’s capital. However, one chair sits empty, Chairman Sir Charles Atherton is nowhere to be found. Horror strikes as Private Investigator Jonathan Rutherford arrives to inform the collective that their beloved Chairman was found dead this morning in his study and, after an initial examination, foul play is at hand.

Private Investigator Rutherford has called upon the supper club to help crack the case before it’s to late, he has narrowed it down to four potential suspects. And it is down to us, the detectives, to solve the crime before someone else gets killed.

The cast of three do a fine job playing five characters and we joke about whether or not some of the suspects have ever been in the same room together. Throughout the five hour experience we are given a number of clues in-between courses and encouraged to work together as a team and solve the crime.

The menu of Smoken Pigeon Breast, Wild Boar Striploin, Scallops, Lobster Tail and a chocolate moose were all divine and each course was served with a healthy size glass of wine to complement the dish.

Tickets are £65 (Library members) or £75 (non members) including a 5 course meal and welcome cocktail. To add the wine pairings would be another £35, so £110 for a non member in total. For a swanky club in the heart of London, it is worth the ticket price just for the food and drink and on top of that you get an interactive show. The show isn’t the best part of the evening and could easily have been stripped back into a two hour – three course meal, as I found by the end of the night I was certainly ready to leave. Saying this though, it was a fun night with some interesting characters around the table (most a bit too posh for the likes of me) but it was certainly an experience and well worth going along to for a good night out.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Library London


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