Rob Madge has been acting since childhood, appearing as a youngster in shows like Les Miserables and Oliver. During lockdown, they discovered a treasure-trove of old VHS tapes from their early years. What became hilariously apparent is that Rob was always destined for the stage, writing scripts, creating costumes and insisting the whole family take part in the production, also directed by Rob. Mum mistook Aladdin for Ursula. The costumes went awry. Ariel’s bubble gun didn’t even work properly. Grandma had a nice time on the tea cup ride though. 

“Are you filming” was a phrase heard anytime dad picked up the camera, leading to him having to pretend he wasn’t in order to capture any holiday footage without Rob acting as narrator. 

Rob began sharing some of these clips on social media over lockdown and the idea of turning it into a live stage show was born with songs written especially for the production by Adrian Mole composer Pippa Cleary.

The result is a hilarious and heart warming trip down memory lane from Robs (beautifully designed for the stage) living room. It’s a coming of age story about accepting who you are and most importantly, having supportive parents that were good sports at letting Rob be the best version of themselves.

The sold out run of MY SON’S A QUEER, BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO? is playing at the Turbine Theatre until 17 July 2021 but I am sure this won’t be the last we see of it. Total perfection!


Reviewed by West End Wilma