Myra-Dubois-credit-Holly-Revell-667x675Rotherham’s least celebrated daughter, Myra DuBois is no stranger to the London gay scene, performing regularly at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Having missed her show at the London Wonderground last month, I was keen to check out the show whilst up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Myra, the diva, refuses to come out on stage until the audience give an acceptable level of applause, setting the tone for this harsh tongued hour of comedy stories and anecdotes. At one point Myra invited a member of the audience on stage to play a game of Play Your Cards Right where they had to guess if the next celebrity picture would be more or less famous. I love an old style game show incorporated into a comedy cabaret and so this went down a treat with me.

There was a moment in the show where Myra couldn’t find a book she was looking for which caused the stage manager to have to come down and look for it. It was unclear if this was written in to the show or a genuine mistake on the night. It felt like Myra was genuinely having one of those days where nothing was going according to plan, which happens to us all at times.

Myra finished the show with a brilliant rendition of the classic CHESS song I Know Him So Well, originally sung by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson. As the song is a duet, Myra sang the part of Barbara Dickson but instead of singing the whole song herself, she just stayed silent during the other parts of the song which was a brilliantly unique and hilarious idea of how to perform the number.

Myra Dubois is a class act which is exactly the type of show people go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to see. Unfortunately I think I caught her on a bad day but I will definately be going to her out her act in London again as I think there is a lot more of this lass that i’ve not yet seen.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Holly Revell

Myra DuBois: Self AdMyra plays at the Gilded Balloon until 28 August 2016