REVIEW: NOTES OF LOVE EP (The Songs of Oliver Boito) ★★★★★

Leading West End talents Oliver Savile (Wicked), Siubhan Harrison (Guys and Dolls), Rob Houchen (Les Miserables), Sharon Sexton (Bat Out Of Hell), Stuart Matthew Price (Rocky Horror Show), Jodie Steele (Wicked) and Sooz Kempner (Get On With It) sing a collection of original Musical Theatre ballads by Oliver Boito, ranging from the epic to the intimate, each with its own story representing love found, lost, defended, sacrificed and celebrated.

Performed by some of the West End’s leading artists, Notes Of Love is Oliver’s debut EP of original compositions in collaboration with orchestrator Simon Nathan, and producer/arranger Joe Davison from Auburn Jam studios.

Notes Of Love is an exploration into the power of song to express the inexpressible, and touch on the emotive forces and impact of love in its many guises.

The songs range from epic and timeless orchestral arrangements to the more contemporary purity of piano and solo string, each composed to deliver evocative stories, melodies and emotions that stir imagination and grab the heart.

I’ll Always Stay has a big orchestral sound to it and made me think of the musical in the film Moulin Rouge. Stuart Matthew Price and Siubhan Harrison are incredible singers but I could say that about everyone on this EP, as every song has a powerhouse West End voice behind it.

Oliver Savile‘s song I’ve Finally Met You is the perfect song to suit his voice. Vocally he is a great story teller and his voice mixed with his heartbreaking song left me a puddle on the floor. Sharon Sexton and Sooz Kempner both have great vocal ranges and sound hauntingly beautiful together on the song Sometimes.

Alone, performed by Rob Houchen has great depth behind it and Jodie Steele is one of the best vocalists the West End has right now and everything she sings is powerful and beautiful. Why Do I Lose The Ones I Love which closes this EP is no exception.

My only criticism of this EP is that is just isn’t long enough!

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