REVIEW: ORDINARY DAYS (London Theatre Workshop) ★★★★
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Ordinary Days follows the parallel lives of four New Yorkers, struggling to find meaning in their hectic yet ordinary lives.

The cast takes on this show with energy, passion and enthusiasm and between the 4 of them they manage to create a hustling, bustling New York setting.

Kirby Hughes portrays the character Claire with grace and grit. She is a vocal powerhouse and commands the audience’s attention, pulling us into her world and gripping us throughout. Her penultimate number ‘I’ll Be Here’ brings a tear to the eye with her heart-wrenching rendition of the number.

As her love interest, Alistair Frederick gives a multifaceted performance as Jason. He has a strong stage presence and shows depth of character throughout the show with a voice that blends beautifully with Hughes for some poignant moments.

Nora Perone plays the neurotic yet optimistic Deb flawlessly. With the just the right amount of crazy to not be over bearing and a singing voice that really tells a story, Perone adds some comedy to the piece. The same can be said for Neil Cameron, making his professional musical debut, as Warren. Cameron and Perone both provide light and shade through the piece and play well opposite each other.

This show is well put together by producers Streetlights, People! Productions and Director Jen Coles has a real understanding of how to utilize a small space to maximum affect. The set is somewhat basic with a painted New York skyline on the wall and 2 sets of blocks on the stage thus making it a more stripped back and raw version of the show.

The venue has some work to do on temperature control in the space as it got very sweaty for audience members but this bares no reflection on the talent or creative team who soldiered through regardless to deliver an outstanding show under difficult conditions.

If you want to do something out of the ordinary, head along and see this lovely, heartwarming show before it disappears up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Reviewed by Matthew Wren
Photo: Natalie Lomako

Ordinary Days is playing at the London Theatre Workshop until 17 June 2017