REVIEW: Pam Ann: Queen of the Sky (Leicester Square Theatre)



image7-682x1024-2Australian comedian Pam Ann has flown into the Leicester Square theatre for a five week run after a successful stint last year. Known for her foul mouth, Pam portrays the character of an air hostess and talks about her observations in life and her love of black men. Audience members come dressed as air hostesses and squeal in delight when they are picked on to be made fun of the airlines they work for. The comedy is delivered with a kind heart. Pam obviously loves flying and the on-board experience and she shares her stories with sold out crowds night after night around the world.

Pam Ann’s demographic has always tended to be gay men and airline flight crew but that seems to be changing. There were several ladies older than me in the audience, people with their nans, little people and even gay men from the Middle East who¬†lapped up Pam’s jokes about terrorist attacks and whether they were responsible for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. You might watch a show like this and say it is in poor taste to make fun of terrible things that happen in the world but if we can’t laugh about life then what do we really have left? Pam Ann offers an opportunity to laugh at the things it might normally be seen as unacceptable to say out loud.

Pam Ann is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. You need to be open minded to a humour that pokes fun at all types of people in life. However if you can appreciate the more foul mouthed sadistic side of things then you won’t be disappointed with this show. The writing, the comedy and the presentation are all top notch and this is much more than just a comedy show, it is an in-flight entertainment experience.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Pam Ann is playing at the Leicester Square Theatre until 7 November 2015. Click here for tickets

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