People, Places and Things has just transferred into London’s West End after making a serious impression with critics and audiences during its run at the National Theatre.

Tackling the very serious issue of addiction, we follow the story of Emma, an actress who quickly down-spirals after the sudden death of her brother and has no option but to check her self into rehab in order to get a certificate to be able to go back to work again. But before she can get this she will need to face her demons head-on and it isn’t going to be an easy ride, batting the withdrawal of drugs and facing up to the real issues she has been trying to block out of her mind.

Headlong’s production of People, Places and Things follows successful productions of American Psycho, The Nether, Chimerica and 1984 which made big impacts on London’s West End over the last few years. But what those shows didn’t have were Denise Gough, the already award winning and multi-Olivier-Award nominated actress who gives a career defining performance in this show. Brilliant comedy deliverance, agonising pain that is so real you can feel yourself itching in your seat and the ability to keep you on the edge of your chair for the entire two and a half hours. Other stand out performances come from Nathaniel Martello-White as Mark, Barbara Marten as the Doctor and Alistair Cope as Foster.

Visually, this production is a feast for the eyes. Simple and clean but with clever use of movement and set design that makes an impact on the mind without deterring the concentration of the story being watched. Crashes of light and the clever ability to show what goes on inside of an addicts mind whist coming off of drugs is superbly demonstrated and needs to be witnessed to really appreciate. Anyone who has seen and enjoyed any of Headlong’s previous productions will not be disappointed with this show and People, Places and Things could be their best work yet.

You are the PEOPLE, the Wyndhams Theatre is the PLACE you need to go and this show is the THING you need to see.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Johan Persson

People, Places and Things plays at the Wyndhams Theatre until 4 June 2016