REVIEW: Peter Pan Goes Wrong (New Victoria Theatre) ★★★★★

Greetings Readers! This week I made my way on a dark and dismal night to Woking and the New Victoria Theatre to review Peter Pan Goes Wrong.

We hadn’t even settled into our seats before the “director” Chris Bean (played by Tom Babbage), walked into the stalls and passed over the audiences heads a very dodgy-looking electric cable – with loud sparking sounds emitting as the back stage crew feverishly worked on the set trying to restore power to light the stage.

The action takes place in the fictional town of Cornley where the Polytechnic Drama Society’s annual Christmas production is to take place (it is NOT a panto!) where director Chris Bean has decided to produce “Peter Pan” however the performance is destined to go terribly and hilariously wrong from the very start.

Technically, the show is a marvel. Mishap after mishap comes upon us from the moment we take our seats and the revolving stage is a true spectacle to behold, Complete with Pirate Ship and Mermaids Lagoon.

The Entire casts needs to be congratulated on a wonderful ensemble performance however special mention must go to Tom Babbage who is excellent as both Mr. Darling and the pompous Captain Hook. His slapstick is some of the best in the show, Never before have I seen a Captain Hook more affronted by animated audience boos and lots of “it’s behind you” type responses from the audience which only adds to the mayhem and the madness of the evening.

Fred Gray played both a delightful pink-pyjama-wearing 4-year-old Michael Darling and also the unloved Crocodile.

Phoebe Ellabani has comic timing coming out of her pore as she plays Mrs Darling, Lisa. Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily with whirlwind costume changes, but she is best seen as thuggish Tinkerbell.

The cast just try to get through their lines as the set begins to fall apart, stunts go wrong , props explode, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does – and it’s hilarious.

It’s on for such a short time, but it is well worth booking for a fun night out. I had a fantastic evening and left with a belly still hurting from the constant laughter. Rarely has something so wrong been so right.

Reviewed by Neil Mcfarlane
Photo: Alastair Muir

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