REVIEW: POST (Oval House) ★★★★


This is a fun version of all those Saturday morning television cookery shows, where a chef cooks something in front of his guests before feeding them the results.

In this case there were no television cameras, no well featured kitchen and positively no A lister guests.

The real interest is Xavier de Sousa, a friendly, pleasant Portuguese guy, who quietly entertains the audience with recollections of his life with his parents in rural Portugal while cooking , almost traditional soup. Just the way his mother made it.

The audience are encouraged to join in with their own experiences concerning national identity. Xavier talks and listens in a relaxed way, never afraid to allow a moment of quiet. All in all, less a show and more a chat with an amusing old pal. You get to taste the soup if you wish to along with a glass or two of a Portuguese white spirit.

The Oval House Theatre is an ideal venue. Small, intimate and comfortable.

An excellent and unusual event well worth a visit.

Reviewed by Graham Archer