REVIEW: PRINCE BENDOVER IN BOOTS (Royal Vauxhall Tavern) ★★★★

prince-bendover-lrgThe Royal Vauxhall Tavern panto is back, Oh yes it is! A very untraditional and naughty take on the traditional panto bought up to date for adult years. Last years smash hit show Charming Dick did so well, it has transferred to the (appropriately named) Cockpit Theatre for the 2016 festive season. PRINCE BENDOVER IN BOOTS takes up residency at the RVT, once again directed by Tim McArthur with Musical Direction by Aaron Clingham and I went along to see if it was as much fun as the show last year!

Featuring Pussy (Topsie Redfern), Cumalot (Adam Gass) the millers son, Prince Bendover (Alan Hunter) a horny royal, the Pushy Princess (Faye Reeves), an Ogre and a Cobbler (who all look remarkably similar) and a larger than life dame called Bubbles (Kris Webb) with a sass mouthed cat, Dolly, wearing a powerful pair of thigh length, jewel encrusted, BDSM, patent leather Boots that confers stardom and power.

Will Princess Pushy get her Prince and why does she seem so evil? Can Dolly the Cat help Cumalot to find his fortune or even count to five without hesitation? Will the evil Ogre realise his plan to control the entire kingdom and why is Dame Bubbles so confused about her son? And what is that tingling Dame Bubbles feels whenever the pussy cat is near?

Another rip-roaring panto from the RVT filled with panto classics, hissing, booing and enough songs, dance and glitz to make a Britney Spears concert look positively pedestrian, all bought up to date for you big dirty kids aged 18 and over.

PRINCE BENDOVER IN BOOTS is certainly not for the faint hearted or easily offended but has everything you could want from a christmas panto in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Check it out in Vauxhall this christmas.

PRINCE BENDOVER IN BOOTS plays on various dates at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern until 5 January. Book here