Get ready to shake your groove thing, because Priscilla Queen of the Desert has opened at Curve in Leicester.

It’s loud, it’s colourful, it’s energetic and you’ll find yourself wondering how on earth they manage to find the space backstage to keep all those fabulous costumes.

The tale is of three drag queens (Nick Hayes, Edwin Ray and Miles Western) dancing their way across Australia aboard the campervan named – yes you’ve guessed it – Priscilla.

Our three leads command the stage easily with glamour, poise and raw talent, heading up a fantastic cast.

The show is one that’ll have you tapping your toes from start to finish as it is absolutely jam-packed with disco anthems such as I
Will Survive, Go West and Shake Your Groove Thing. Admittedly, I did find myself thinking that the show wouldn’t be damaged at all if it lost about five numbers from the set list, as it does feel like a lengthy production for such a simple storyline.

In and amongst the disco anthems, Priscilla Queen of the Desert also finds room for a subject of a far more serious nature, shining light on the discrimination still faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Choreographing the attack on Felicia was a powerful move that didn’t take anything away from how uncomfortable and harrowing it is to watch.

Visually speaking, Priscilla is quite incredible. With a huge number of rapid costume changes, bright and colourful lighting and larger-than-life choreography, it’s a very welcome assault on the senses.

The show was unfortunately stopped for approximately half an hour due to technical issues, and although this initially dampened the hugely charged atmosphere in the auditorium, it only took a song or two before all was forgotten and the audience clapped and danced their way to the end of the night.

All in all, this show is a must-see if you want a great night out that’ll leave you beaming from ear to ear.


Reviewed by Rosie Bambury